Judge Judy Is Being Sued For Plates And Cutlery, Not Money!

judge judy

This lawsuit just keeps getting more bizarre!

Patric Jones might be suing Judge Judy for $514,421.14, but it isn’t so she can cash a hefty check.

Instead, the woman who claims that her ex-husband sold her precious pricey china and flatware for only $50,000 to the judge, just wants her damn plates back!

Patric’s lawyer, Perry Wander, explained:

“She wants the china back. There is an emotional attachment to this family china and silverware. She wants it back. She doesn’t want the money. The case is about getting the china back from Judge Judy and the case is basically unwinding what was basically a fraudulent transaction that’s voidable under California law because both spouses didn’t consent to this sale. Regardless of whether it is legal or illegal it is unethical.”

Haven’t you ever heard of finder’s keepers, Patric??

In common Judge Judy fashion, the queen of court TV snarked:

“I have not seen any complaint by the former Mrs. Douthit, however, I don’t owe this lady a cent. And if this 50-year-old woman would spend her time more productively at trying to find a job, instead of abusing the judicial system with frivolous lawsuits, we would all be a lot better off.”


It might be nice if Judy gave back the china and flatware, but calling a judge unethical is like calling Lindsay Lohan innocent. It just doesn’t make sense.

Her honor is FAR too busy to be getting in the middle of your nasty divorce.


[Image via GIF Database Tumblr.]

Mar 15, 2013 6:32am PDT

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