Joshua Jackson Won’t Let Diane Kruger Watch Him On Dawson’s Creek?! BLASPHEMY!

diane kruger dawsons creek

No! No! No!


Joshua Jackson has pretty much been dating his gorgeous lady-love, upcoming Host star Diane Kruger, for as long as we remember, but apparently, despite knowing him that intimately, he has STILL never allowed her to watch his AH-MAY-ZING days as a child star…and later, a teen heartthrob!

That’s right!

No Mighty Ducks movie nights or watching Dawson’s Creek in marathon sessions!

She explains:

“He doesn’t want me to watch [his early work]. He grew up in front of the camera with pimples and bloatiness.”

AWWW! But how is THAT any different than looking at your boy or girlfriend’s High School yearbook photos?!

Or worse yet, digging through their now-ancient LiveJournal?!

It’s BASICALLY the same thing!

Hmmm! MAYBE he’s just nervous about her seeing all of his on-screen dalliances with Katie Holmes!

He WAS her “first love,” after all!

Either way, don’t worry, Diane! We’ll let you borrow our copy of the complete series on DVD!

You’ll power through that sh-t in like two weeks! We swear!

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Mar 16, 2013 12:22pm PST

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