Judge Judy Is NOT Being Sued For Plates Anymore! Case SETTLES!

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Thank goodness! We think everyone can agree what a RIDICULOUS situation this all was!

As we’ve reported, Judge Judy was slapped with a $500,000 lawsuit for allegedly conspiring with Randy Douthit, one of her TV show’s producers, to buy his ex-wife Patric Jones‘ super-expensive china and flatware for only $50,000!

Jones has since alleged that she merely wants what she claims to be family heirlooms back, and as of today, it seems as though she got her wish, as the case has settled…and it seems as though everyone got what they wanted!

Well, sort of, anyway!

Despite an alleged value of $500,000, the divorce judge in the case instead appraised the china to be worth around $125,000!

So the deal is this: Judy returns the goods, Patric pays her ex their court-ruled worth, and she gets her plates back!

In a scathing statement, Her Honor concludes:

“This very unpleasant lady doesn’t give a hoot about dishes. She cares about pressuring her ex-husband and the way to do that is to attempt to embarrass me. She and her attorney want a circus and I refuse to be a further participant in their drama. As Ms. Jones and her attorney assert, the items are community property, they are being packed and returned to Mr. Douthit and she can proceed with her claim in divorce court. Anyway, my husband and I eat out most of the time.”

HA! There’s the Judge Judy we all know and love!

It’s just a shame that SHE couldn’t have had these two on her own show – talk about the BRILLIANT television this whole debacle would have made!

Oh well!

Case closed…we hope!

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Mar 16, 2013 2:23pm PDT

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