Lindsay Lohan ESCAPES JAIL AGAIN! Plea Bargain Secures Her 90 Days In LOCK-DOWN REHAB!

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After arriving 48 minutes late to the courtroom Monday, the trial FINALLY began for the glitter-bombed Lindsay Lohan!

And it has been a ROUGH morning for the troubled starlet!

After a FURTHER two-hour delay where she and her lawyer hashed out a last-minute plea bargain with Judge James Dabney and the District Attorney, LiLo pled no contest to reckless driving and lying to police!

Under these recently-negotiated terms, she will be required to spend 90 days in a locked-down rehab facility that will not allow her to leave under any circumstances, 30 days of community labor and 18 months of intensive psychotherapy!

Yes! That means, once again, folks, Lindsay Lohan will NOT be going to jail!

Apparently, there’s a mandatory five days in jail for any admittance of reckless driving, but the deal is allowing that time to be included in her rehab, which she’ll be allowed to do in New York City, along with community service options that will be strictly monitored, and periodic drug testing!

Furthermore, while she admitted to a probation violation in her jewelry heist case, the 180 days in jail to which she was sentenced was STAYED, which means that so long as she does all of this without f-cking up, she won’t have to do the time!

So yeah. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how long that lasts!

Furthermore, while the judge admitted that this time around, attorney Mark Heller, who had a California law advisor with him, was much more capable of negotiating the bargain, this guy still managed to continuously interject every second the His Honor spoke, asking for clarification on the terms of the sentencing – specifically, the amount of restitution she owes to the man she hit with her car, which will be determined at a later date!

Yeesh! Lindsay, on the other hand, looked absolutely exhausted, and remained understandably stoic throughout…even when the Judge ended the trial with advice we pray to all things holy she takes to heart: “Don’t drive.”

[Image via Splash News.]

Mar 18, 2013 3:21pm PDT

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