Pink Uses Charm & Wit To Break Up Fight During Philly Show! WATCH HERE!

Oh no! First Pink mysteriously tweets about people disappointing her, and now she has to deal with a BRAWL while trying to bring musical joy to thousands of people?!


The ferocious QUEEN of rockin’ pop tunes was attempting to sing emotional ballad Who Knew during her Truth About Love concert in Philadelphia this past weekend…

But the hot-mamma had to abruptly interrupt her own performance because she saw a FIGHT going down, and obviously, Pink was NOT about to let that shit ruin the show for the rest of her fans!

Cue to 1:06 to see how Pink handles the issue (above)!

Yeah!!! You use that humor and adorable-ness to diffuse a stressful situation, Pinkalicious!

Awww and those involved even got a special GIFT??!! JEALOUS!

Mar 18, 2013 11:38am PDT

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