Spring Breakers Filmed Extras Having Actual Sex?! So Says Ashley Benson!

spring breakers sex

Things got REAL sexy on the set of Spring Breakers!

When Ashley Benson wasn’t too distracted canoodling with James Franco in between takes, she noticed something unique about the party scenes they filmed…

The hard partyin’ extras of the indie hit were not simulating sex, they were in fact humping away for the cameras!

The starlet dished:

“Everything that we saw that was crazy, you see in the movie. The party scenes were pretty insane; girls were getting completely naked like about to have sex or something and we were just witnessing it.”

Sounds wild and VERY uncomfortable, especially for actresses who are used to having the craziest part of past projects include hair streaks! LOLz.

But it IS all for the sake of art, right???!

Unfortunately, Ashley can’t say the same for her naughty threesome with Vanessa Hudgens and James.

At least they had the hard partiers to draw inspiration from! HA!

[Image via Spring Breakers Movie.]

Mar 19, 2013 12:38pm PDT

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