Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t NEED Rehab, But It Sure Beats Going To Jail!

lindsay lohan rehab better than jail reason for plea deal

Lindsay Lohan does NOT drink, you guys!

And according to the chaos-attracting starlet herself, she does NOT need rehab.

SO then WHY did Lindsay finally accept the lockdown-rehab plea deal mere moments before Monday’s decisive court hearing?!

Well DUH, obviously rehab beatz jail time!

In fact, we can’t fathom WHY Lilo has been SO opposed to attending a rehabilitation facility, because even if she’s convinced herself she has zero substance abuse issues, it’s not like she (or anyone for that matter) can’t benefit from 90 days of personal reflection and healing therapy!

Especially since we’re sure she’ll be kept on lock in a swanky resort-type establishment that includes all the luxuries fit for a celeb of her status. LOLzz!

On a more serious note, if Lilo maintains she has NO need of rehab, then perhaps she should have been ORDERED to go to jail. Why send Lindsay off to a program that will obviously do NOTHING to curb her wacky ways?!

At least jail would have taught Lindz that there are actually consequences to, you know, BREAKING THE LAW MULTIPLE TIMES and such.

But unfortunately, the justice system has failed in that respect (again), and we doubt Lindsay will learn much of anything by sulking about the Betty Ford Center for three months.

[Image via WENN.]

Mar 19, 2013 9:51am PDT

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