Lil’ Wayne Fans Blast Soulja Boy For Glamorizing Sizzurp! See Soulja’s Drug-Filled Pics HERE!

soulja boy drugs instagram weed codeine lil wayne

As much as we love Soulja Boy, we HATE when role models promote drug abuse to millions of fans!

It looks like we aren’t the only ones!

The Chi-Town rapper is taking serious heat after posting a series of pictures featuring weed, alcohol, and even codeine laced cough syrup!

No one knows precisely what put his friend and colleague Lil’ Wayne in the hospital last week, but many speculate it was his overuse of sizzurp — a codeine based cocktail which causes seizures!!

So, after Weezy’s intense medical experience, it’s understandable peeps are pissed at Soulja for continuing to promote the deadly drug!!

See Soulja’s offensive and potentially dangerous drug photos…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

soulja boy weed feast 01 instagram
soulja boy weed codeine sizzurp feast 04 instagram
soulja boy weed codeine sizzurp feast 02 instagram
soulja boy blunt codeine 03 instagram


Soulja did offer a weak denial via Twitter:

Uhhh… Not. Very. Convincing. We can SEE you in the pics!

[Image via Instagram.]

Mar 22, 2013 4:35pm PDT

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