Jerry Sandusky’s Prison Interview With The Today Show Receives MAJOR Backlash!

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Why are we not surprised!

Penn State assistant coach and convicted child molester, Jerry Sandusky just had a prison interview with John Ziegler on the Today show, and while the session was conducted in order to try to clear Sandusky’s ex-boss, Joe Paterno‘s name, NBC is now receiving backlash for even administering the interview.

The filmmaker is currently in the process of making a documentary called The Framing of Joe Paterno, which of course focuses on Paterno, but many, including Joe’s family thought the interview was “sad and unfortunate development” and “an insult to the victims and anyone who cares about the truth in this tragic story.”

Disgusted about the interview, JoePa’s family said:

“The Paterno family would prefer to remain silent on this matter, but they feel it is important to make it clear that they had no role in obtaining or releasing this recording. Moreover, they believe that any attempt to use this recording as a defense of Joe Paterno is misguided and inappropriate.”

However, while NBC was getting kicked in the behind for covering this story, Jerry kept his innocence and even admitted that he “tested [his] boundaries” with the 10 boys he molested.


The clip (above) outlines John’s interview with Sandusky, and if you wanna know the what happened… hit that play button!!

Mar 25, 2013 4:30pm PDT

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