Facebook & Twitter Hijacked By Human Rights Campaign Supporting Gay Marriage & We LOVE It!

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Don’t adjust your browsers, dear readers — neither Facebook nor Twitter are broken!

You probably woke up to pink and red equal signs taking your social media outlets by storm this morning, but fear not because it’s all for a totally awesome cause!!

The US Supreme Court spent Tuesday dragging its feet while listening to arguments for and against gay marriage, but there are millions of people who refused to let their voices go unheard!!

In an effort to bring awareness to the critically important battle to allow all couples who love each other the right to marry, the miracle workers over at the Human Rights Campaign are encouraging EVERYONE — us, you, your crazy uncle who doesn’t like kids walking on their lawn — to replace their profile pics with these pink and red equal signs for these next few critical days.

This is pretty much the greatest idea since stuffed crust pizza and we’re just blown away by all the support it’s receiving!!

Prohibiting gay couples from marriage is discrimination, plain and simple. It’s only a matter of time until the courts get hip to this, but, maybe with your help, it can happen sooner rather than later!!

Think of the child with two wonderful dads who is bullied at school because the government says his parents love is illegitimate!

Think of the 65 year-old lesbian sitting in a hospital room with the woman she has loved & cherished for decades who wants nothing more than to wed her partner before it’s too late!!

This is a hugely important issue, and it NEEDS your support!

Please please please help out in any way you can, even if it’s just changing your profile picture to show solidarity or adding a few new hashtags (#Equality, #UnitedforMarriage, #SupremeCourt, and #Love) to today’s tweets.

Awareness is critically important equality is possible if we fight for it.

Isn’t that something every human being deserves?

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Mar 26, 2013 10:02pm PDT

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