Generous Man Leaves $225,000 To Kentucky Animal Shelters!

Bland Hardison

This is so ahmayzing!!

A farmer in western Kentucky, Bland Hardison, had an interesting part of his will.

When he died, a whopping $225,000 was to be distributed evenly to every government run animal shelter in the state!!

That works out to just about $1,400 per shelter!

His widower said:

“He loved animals. He loved his cows and his dogs and any stray cats that came along.”

He must’ve really reallllllly loved animals!

The facilities are so appreciative of the money he donated because that’s a whole lotta dough to get some real stuff done with! One facility is finally going to be able to turn one of their spare offices into a cat playground!

So great to know there are truly generous, compassionate, giving people in world!

[Image via NBC Lexington 18.]

Mar 27, 2013 6:00pm PDT

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