Lindsay Lohan Late Again? Reportedly Delays Second Day Of Anger Management Shooting!

lindsay lohan gif

But Lindsay! You were totally winning on Monday!

After a super successful first day of Anger Management shooting, sources close to production revealed that Lindsay Lohan was causing some major delays on the second day with her tardiness.

According to the source, shooting ran SEVERAL hours late because of LiLo. But fortunately for her, she delivered when she did show up, filming in a cheerleader’s outfit and everything!

Oh yeah.. we’re sure Charlie Sheen forgot all about her tardiness then!

Welp! Hopefully this doesn’t become a habit again — for HER sake!! Everyone is late here and there, but when you’re known for being tardy, we’d think you’d wanna continue the whole being early thing (or at least on time) far past the first day of shooting.

There’s a career to rebuild here, people! Coddling won’t help!!

Mar 27, 2013 11:50am PDT

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