Katy Perry DESPERATE To Be John Mayer’s Girl Again?! Pshhh!!

katy perry john mayer reconciliation

Been hearing that it could go from cold to hot again??

Sources say Katy Perry is totez open to reigniting the on-again, off-again love flame between her and John Mayer.

But WHY would the singer want to reconcile with the man that’s been the cause of so much recent heartbreak??

A source close to the Wide Awake songstress dished:

“There’s no question that Katy wants to settle down, but right now, she’s not ready to fling herself into another relationship. If anything, she’d be open to reconciling with John if he can get his act together.”

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Say WHAT?

Hopping back in bed with John is NOT a good idea if the only reason is that she doesn’t want to start all over with a new stud. Being alone isn’t all THAT bad!

In fact, we JUST saw her looking mighty happy all by her solo self. So this whole thing sounds like total bullshizz to us!

You guys are precious together, but if it’s not working… then leave it be!

Mar 29, 2013 11:20am PDT

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