Madonna Heads To Malawi With Her Adoptive Children To Inspect School Projects!

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Madonna is such an inspiration!

The legendary diva has two Malawian children David Banda and Mercy James, and while she promised that she would take her kids to their homeland on a regular basis, she figured that she could kill two birds with one stone!!

Her Majesty is currently in Malawi visiting schools that she helped build with the organization BuildOn, but instead of just visiting, the pop princess is actually enjoying time in classrooms.

Earlier today, Madge joined children at the Chorwe Primary School, and considering that she has a total of 10 schools to visit, she made sure she spent her time wisely.

The schools that the Girl Gone Wild songstress is visiting are serving 3,800 students, which is AH-MAYZING to hear because it wasn’t too long ago those children weren’t even going to school at all.

Global Philanthropy Group/Raising Malawi foundation head Trevor Nielson spoke out on the project, he said:

“There’s no controversy, the schools are built to the exact national standards of Malawi, like every other Malawian school. The bottom line is that 3,800 children are going to school now who were not going to school before.”

All we can say is GO MADONNA GO!

We hope she keeps lending a helping hand because it’s not like assisting others is gonna break her bank.

She is a billionaire after all!!

[Image via Sax Rohmer/Splash News.]

Apr 2, 2013 6:00pm PDT

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