Madonna’s Malawi “Schools” Causing Drama!

madonna malawi school scandal


Queen Madonna is currently in Malawi visiting the ten “schools” that she helped build with an organization called BuildOn, but it seems that there is a discrepancy over WHAT type of educational construction Madonna actually put in place!

Originally, Her Madgesty had reportedly planned on creating a multi-million dollar girls academy, but then instead decided to invest in ten “school” blocks.

BUT, are these buildings actually SCHOOLS?!

Not according to Malawi’s Education Minister Eunice Kazembe!

Kazembe recently stated:

“She has built classrooms at existing schools… really it’s a difference in terminology. They have said… they have built 10 schools in Malawi and on our side what we know is that she [Madonna] has built classrooms… these are not schools from our side and really that’s the essence of the difference between her side and the Malawi government.”

Oh no!! But, hey, classrooms or schools, at least Madonna is putting her money towards something that encourages education, right?!

The Education Minister continues:

“She promised an academy and we agreed on standards but she just changed her mind on the project without consulting us. We’d like them to work with us so that they can be absorbed into the strategy of Malawi’s education and that goes not just for Madonna – any group that comes to Malawi to assist us in education.”


But even though Kazembe has some grievances, the Malawian Minister expressed gratitude for all of Madge’s gracious gifts.

A good thing is a good thing is a good thing, right?! Why try and tarnish something that will only HELP?!

Keep doing you, dearest Madonna, spread that passion for learning all OVA the globe!

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Apr 4, 2013 11:17am PDT

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