Lindsay Lohan Is Red Carpet-Bound! Agrees To Appear At Scary Movie 5 Premiere!

lindsay lohan scarymovie premiere

Frankly, after everything she put this production through, we’re surprised she’d show her face at all!

But yes, despite earlier reports suggesting otherwise, it appears that Lindsay Lohan will, indeed, be walking the Scary Movie 5 premiere’s red carpet Thursday night!

Even after ALL those antics our hard-pAArtying, legally-challenged darling got it up to from the MINUTE she signed onto film the horror movie spoof, co-starring Ashley Tisdale and Charlie Sheen!


She didn’t show up to any production meetings, pretended to have a ‘walking pnuemonia’ to get out of her contract, refused to kiss the MaSheen and had to sign a contract asserting she didn’t have cold sores, clogged the toilet in her trailer, then got her panties in a bunch when a promo for the flick poked fun at her probation being revoked!

Oh, and we’re SURE she was none-too-pleased to have her mug missing on the poster, too!

But hey!

She doesn’t have too many red carpets left before it’s off to rehab – or jail – so we can’t blame her for wanting to embrace the chance!

Werk, gurl!

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 7, 2013 4:33pm PDT

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