You Want Two Toy Poodles? How About Two Beefed Up Ferrets Instead??

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This is absurdzies!

A man went to buy two toy poodles, only to have a vet tell him they were actually FERRETS that had been put on steroids to get to the size of the desired dogs! Holy shizz!

There are so many things swimming through our minds right now: Those poor ferrets! Who the hell would do that to them?? How gullible can you be to buy one of these, let alone two, because THEY LOOK NOTHING LIKE POODLES!

Also, it’s funny to us that Argentinians call ferrets ‘Brazilian rats.’ LOLz!

Anyway, so this guy bought two of them, took them to the vet for vaccines (not to figure out what the hell they were!) and it was only then that he was told he was duped. Here’s the thing, though: the ferrets look pretty rad! As long as the steroids don’t make them extremely aggressive, why not keep and care for them?? Could be worth it!

Oh, and did we mention he wasn’t the only one tricked? Some lady had been told that she was buying a Chiuhuahua, but ended up with a ferret too! That’s a little less forgiving, because COME ON.

Just look at the comparison pics above!


[Image via YouTube.]

Apr 9, 2013 8:01am PDT

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