Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack Video Hints At Struggles With Body Image & Substance Abuse?!

Demi Lovato is completely candid and open about her struggles with bipolar disorder, bulimia, substance abuse, and self mutilation…

But does the music video (above) for her latest single Heart Attack subtly hint at the X Factor judges’ tumultuous past?

The video’s director Chris Applebaum recently explained:

“Demi is a very special, very unique artist for which there really isn’t anybody that can compare. I think that it’s very hard these days, in the era of the Internet and social media, for a person to hide too much who they are. We all know the struggles that Demi has faced and we all know the issues that surround her personal life. So it’s impossible not to apply that or project that onto her while she’s performing and to project that onto her when she’s singing in her video.”

Applebaum even goes so far as to compare Demi in Heart Attack to Kurt Cobain in the musc video for Heart Shaped Box!

The famed director stated:

“How could anybody not feel anything extra when Kurt Cobain is lying down in a field of poppies in the ‘Heart Shaped Box’ video? Everyone knew the guy was a heroin addict at that point, and everybody knew that heroin is the closest you can gamble with your life before you lose it. And everyone read something into it at that time in a way that was much more powerful than the image you saw onscreen. So I would say that with all that in mind, Demi is very open about her personal life and very open about who she is as a person and the struggles that she’s faced. And those are things people can project, or choose not to know anything about, when they’re watching the video.”

Hmmm! Verrrrry interesting!

OK, let’s read into something that is (apparently) deceivingly simple in concept…

SO, are DemDem’s black-painted hands in Heart Attack symbolic of her past? Or perhaps her bipolar disorder?

Is she saying she’s her own worst enemy and that she’s constantly fighting against herself? And perhaps only her hands are black because while she’s seemingly gotten her life under control, there is still a small part of her old self that remains?

Orrrr we could be galaxies away in our approximation, LOLz!

Either way, we LOVE when singers infuse hidden meaning into their tunes/videos!

It’s like musical treasure hunt!

Apr 12, 2013 9:19am PDT

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