Kelly Ripa: Should She Have Admitted To Not Talking To Regis?!

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Kelly Ripa disappointed a LOT of people this week as it was revealed she hasn’t seen or spoken to Regis Philbin since he left the show they did together for 11 years.

11 years!

That’s a long time to have one of the most hilarious and connected banters on television just to give it all up!

It turns out that not only are people NOT very happy that she hasn’t spoken with Reeg, but they’re also upset that she said anything in the first place! That’s right, insiders at the show say she shouldn’t have said anything at all, venting:

“Kelly should have probably kept her mouth shut about not speaking to Regis since he left the show. He’s still so beloved and missed – her comment makes it seem that all those years their relationship was just an act.”

While we wouldn’t ever want her to lie about something like that, it does still hurt us! It DID seem like all those years were just an act!

Maybe he did something to wrong her??

Give us the 4-1-1, Kelly!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Apr 12, 2013 7:16pm PDT

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