Emma Watson Turns 23: Let’s Celebrate With Her Gif’d Up Career Timeline!

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Emma Watson is 23 today! Whoo!!

We bet winning that Trailblazer award at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards was the perfect way to ring in her birthday.

And she totally deserved it!

Come, walk through history with us as we honor the beautiful Miz Watson and her shining career of hits via the best way possible — GIFS!!!

Back in 2001, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone premiered… and a superstar’s career was born! We know it might have seemed a bit intimidating at first…

emma watson harry potter sorcerers stone gif

And by the time Chamber of Secrets rolled around, we’re sure the work load got intense…

emma watson chamber of secrets gif 2

But it was a great learning lesson for lil’ Emma. She was clearly coming into her own…

emma watson chamber of secrets gif

Cuz when Prisoner of Azkaban came out, it wasn’t all about Harry anymore. Emma was showing girls everywhere that Hermione could kick just as much ass as the boys…

emma watson prisoner of azkaban

Get ’em Hermy! Get ’em!! GIRLLLL POWAHHH

emma watson prisoner of azkaban gif 2

And as Emma grew, so did Hermione. Girl knew how to GET DOWN in Goblet of Fire!

emma watson goblet of fire gif

Then, in The Order of the Phoenix, Emma’s true wings rose from the ashes (of her youth) as she emerged a powerful, young woman…

emma watson order of the phoenix

Now, after OOTP, Emma stretched her legs in Ballet Shoes before the next Harry Potter film came out. And let’s just say… you thought she was feisty before? She was gettin’ PRET-TY sassy at this point!


But she kinda had to be. Especially since The Half-Blood Prince was coming up next in the HP franchise. Gurl had to stretch those acting chops for what laid ahead!

emma watson half blood prince

Yeah… pretty intense now… (but Dumbledore wants to make a Birthday shout-out)

dumbledore half blood prince gif

Ahem… *sniff* MOVING ALONG!!

When Deathly Hallows (Part 1 & 2) stormed into our lives, we knew Emma was going to be around for a loooong time after that. Her star power was undeniable.

emma watson deathy hallows gif

Oh yah! We were holding tight too! So many tears!

Soon the tears would dry though, and My Week With Marilyn would come out, cementing her presence in the Hollywood glitter…

emma watson eddie redmayne my week with marilyn gif

But it was The Perks of Being a Wallflower that really rang a bell in everyone’s ears, alarming the world of her talent and dedication to making great films.

emma watson perks of being a wallflower gif

emma watson perks of being a wallflower gif 2

Moving forward, she wanted a challenge.

Now The Bling Ring doesn’t come out until June 14, but the pole-dancing teaser has us TOO excited about what’s next in the career of Miss Emma, as she plays the (pretty) WILD CHILD of the infamous Hollywood Burglar Bunch…

emma watson bling ring gif 6emma watson bling ring gif 4emma watson bling ring gif 3emma watson bling ring gif 5emma watson bling ring gif 2


Yeah we bet you’re wanting even more of Emma now, LOL!

Don’t worry, we have an encore performance — she’s gonna be in the star-studded This Is The End too!

emma watson james franco this is the end gifemma watson jonah hill this is the end gif

So much talent! So much beauty!



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Apr 15, 2013 3:19pm PDT

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