Lola Tells The World To Shave Their Legs & Get Ready For Spring!

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We always love when Lola comes out with new pieces of bloggy advice.

And this one is particularly great!

With the temps heating up, Madonna’s not-so-baby girl has some tips for everyone about this flowery season.

In between studying for the SATs, Lola wrote:

“Warm greetings readers, I hope spring has brought about happier attitudes and less depressing faces… If I were to embrace the spring instead of being a library rat cooped up in study mode, I would embrace it in a comfortable way. I feel like finally this sense of body con dresses and tube skirts has left us (praise the lord).

I mean okay they look nice but really no one is comfortable lets be frank among friends (oooh peep my alliteration). I think (I hope) you guys will be pleased to see that the spring 2013 collection of Material Girl incorporates more loose t-shirts and tank tops and flowy-er-y-ish-like skirts and dresses. Yay. Ugh gotta let da body BREATHE.

The spring campaign was shot in Los Angeles with Georgia Jagger who is as cool as her parents and whose face is as beauteous as something really really beautiful.

I love California as a whole but I especially love the Los Angeles area and I love how they still have relics from the old Hollywood era. It just adds kind of a cool archaic vibe to a city that most people associate with being insanely materialistic. Which it is at times.. but then there’s cool places like Venice, Santa Monica, and (I know it’s not cool but) I personally love the Valley. People are too hard on LA.”

Oh Lola, don’t you know we’re all living in a material world? And your mom’s THE Material Girl. LOLz!

In a final word of advice, Lola added:

“Take some Claritin for those who are allergic, shave your legs (or dont #live), get some vitamin D, and enjoy the warm weather!”

Good luck on the SATs, Lola! We’re sure you’ll slay them!

[Image via Lola.]

Apr 16, 2013 9:01am PDT

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