Amanda Seyfried Gets REAL About Lindsay Lohan; Desperately Wants To Be The Next Regina George!

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We love her. We love her. We love her.

Amanda Seyfried is like that rare bird you saw in your backyard growing up. She’ll sing a pretty, pretty tune to match her pretty, pretty looks. But she’s also FULL of surprises!

In her recent Allure interview, she told the beauty magazine about her dream to follow in Rachel McAdams‘ footsteps and play Regina George for the HIGHLY anticipated Mean Girls musical.

She confesses to the May issue of the mag:

“I desperately want to be Regina.”

Unless you’re the only person who hasn’t seen Tina Fey‘s masterpiece, Amanda played ditzy Karen in the film, but now she wants the big pumps!

When discussing her other co-star from the film, Lindsay Lohan, that’s when she brought the sweet sass:

“She’s talented.”



OoOoOooh! Already auditioning for the role of Regina, we see!!

Amanda quickly added:

“I mean, I don’t know…. She was so bright-eyed.”

Sigh… she was!

Lindsay has insisted that she’s been sober throughout her stay at Coachella, and obviously we WANT to believe it. But we just don’t know. We’re gonna need a lot more examples before we believe she’s finally serious about rebuilding her career.

If only Amanda’s psychic tittays could have foreseen the challenges that would face Linds!

Welp! We wish you the very best in your Regina endeavors, Amanda!

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Apr 17, 2013 1:01pm PDT

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