Harry Styles’ Latest Cougar Craving Is KIMBERLY STEWART!

harry styles kimberly stewart

Obviously, dating someone so close to his age as Taylor Swift was not too fun for Harry Styles, and now, according to new reports, he’s apparently back up to us old tricks…with the OLDER ladies!

Remember when we reported earlier that the 19-year-old was spotted grabbing dinner at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood with Rod Stewart and his wife, Penny Lancaster?!

YEAH. Guess he wasn’t flying solo, as the reason he was kicking back with the iconic singer in the first place is because he’s dating his 33-year-old daughter, Kimberly Stewart!

Sources inside the restaurant reveal that the two of them were openly flirting throughout the meal. Like in the TOUCHY-FEELY way, too!

Well, coo-coo ca-choo Mrs. Robinson, indeed!

We should probably also mention that Kimberly recently had a baby with Benicio Del Toro!

That’s right, folks! We live in a world where a child could potentially being co-parented by Dr. Gonzo and a member of One Direction!

But hey! Stranger things have happened!

We’ll be curious to see how this one develops! How about U?!

[Images via WENN.]

Apr 26, 2013 3:56pm PDT

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