Anne Hathaway Caught Blazing With Blunts?! Husband Adam Schulman Turning Her Into Stoner!

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And here we were thinking that it was James Franco who was baked out of his skull during his duty as emcee during the 2011 Academy Awards!

Guess not, as new reports are surfacing that suggest that it’s his co-host, Anne Hathaway, who is apparently becoming quite the pothead in recent years, as sources close to her are revealing that her husband, Adam Schulman, turned her onto the sticky icky!

Allegedly, there are some photos circulating that show the starlet sucking down booze with a self-rolled blunt, and any confusion over what substance was inside the wrapping is instantly eliminated, as her eyes are clearly bloodshot red!

And just because she was able to starve herself for Les Miserables doesn’t mean the greenery doesn’t give her an appetite!

There are even photos that show her enjoying some serious munchies after the allegedly-documented clam-bake sesh!

Well, hey! Given some of the reports regarding her back-stage behavior at the Academy Awards this year, we think she could probably stand to mellow out a bit!

But we just hope that she’s making choices for herself, and not based on the influence of the people in her life!

Apr 27, 2013 2:41pm PDT

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