Kate Moss Is Fresh-Faced & Innocent In Never-Before-Seen Modeling Pics

Kate Moss looks angelic in never-before-seen modeling pics

Kate Moss has basically been modeling since she was a fetus, so it’s no surprise that old modeling pics keep turning up every few years.

The latest crop are from photographer David Ross who had kept the negatives of a photoshoot he had with the supermodel when she was just 14 in a drawer for years.

The photog finally got around to developing the pics recently, and now they are going to be auctioned off by Bloomsbury at a starting price of £1,200 each (approx. $1,860).

Start saving now, Kate Moss fans!

Ross also describes what it was like working with the first-timer. He said:

“She wasn’t forward or confident at all. I took three rolls of films. The first roll was just to see how Kate responded to the camera and she was a natural. I didn’t think there was any commercial potential in them because she looked so raw in them. The other pictures looked far more commercial and they helped launch her career. I enjoyed photographing her because she had quite angular bones. She looked so young. But these pictures portray her at the absolute threshold of her life changing forever.”

Lesson to all photographers out there: Don’t ever throw away your negatives!

[Image via David Ross]

Apr 30, 2013 6:59pm PDT

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