Bethenny Frankel Freaked Out Estranged Hubby Is Watching Her Every Move?!

bethenny frankel worried jason hoppy is watching her

Divorce is not going well for Bethenny Frankel!

Despite being mega loaded thanks to her Skinnygirl margarita money machine, she’s STILL stuck living with her estranged hubby, Jason Hoppy.

Guess there are no empty apartments in New York City?

Whatever the reason, Bethenny might seriously want to consider getting the hell out of there because paranoia is starting to take over!

The former Real Housewives of New York City star has reportedly been hiding out in her bedroom there because she’s freaked out that Jason has been tracking her every move.

Well, it’s probably a pretty amazing bedroom stocked with a mini fridge, TV and all your daily needs. LOLz!

A source revealed:

“Bethenny’s room is her only sanctuary in her apartment that she has now. She wants and needs privacy.”

Then might we suggest the obvious… moving out?

Seriously, it might be time to stop being so damn stubborn.

Jason isn’t even the only one bugging her in her own home as his mom and pop are apparently wearing out their welcome as the source added:

“They are there a lot when Jason and Bethenny are both there and stay for days at a time. Jason’s made her uncomfortable in her own home.”

Oh Bethenny!

Take your Skinnygirl money and your skinnygirl a** and move out!

You can afford it!

[Image via WENN.]

May 1, 2013 6:40pm PDT

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