Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Need Kanye’s Help While Shopping… And Dude Doesn’t Offer! WATCH HERE!

Oh man, it seems like Kanye West is grumpy about something (again)! Could that be why he was kind of ignoring Kim Kardashian during a recent Parisian shopping trip?!

In what we initially thought was a sweet, romantic gesture, Kanye used his private jet to whisk his VERY pregnant girlfriend away from her Greek family vacay for a few days of relaxation…

However, in a video of the pair taken Tuesday morning, not only does Kanye look miserable (this could be due to the dark nature of his upcoming album), he makes no attempt to help Kimmy out of the car and seems like a gloomy gus for the entire extent of their product purchasing adventure.

Ch-ch-check out Kanye’s odd treatment of his baby‘s mamma (above)!

And ok, we know that it’s old fashioned to expect a man to open doors for a woman just because she’s a woman, but there is a difference between traditional values and straight up common courtesy.

She’s PREGNANT for goodness sake… help a sister out!

May 1, 2013 2:51pm PDT

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