Kendrick Lamar Calls Out Rapper Danny Brown For Getting Onstage Oral!!!

kendrick lamar tweets rapper danny brown oral sex onstage

It’s not easy to impress Kendrick Lamar! But clearly rapper Danny Brown isn’t afraid of, well, hard things.

According to multiple eyewitnesses, Danny was onstage in Minneapolis when a fan started giving him ORAL SEX- and he JUST KEPT RAPPING!

When word of the eXXXtremely scandalous stage show made it to the ears of Kendrick, who had worked with Danny on the track A$AP Rocky, he tweeted:

According to concertgoers, really really!

Ch-ch-check out the pic (below) from one Twitter user, which all but confirms the story in a moderately NSFW way! Another eyewitness said:

“Okay so this is how it all went down, I was near the front row and all night Danny had been going up to the crowd and having random girls touch his d-ck through his pants.

Then this girl in front of me starts flashing him and he goes up to her and grabs her t-ts. Then all of a sudden gets up close pulls his shirt up a little and she start blowing him…

He rapped the entire time during too.”

Wow! Talk about an opening act! Though we’re guessing Danny might go big time after this scandal!

[Image via Peter Kaminski/WENN.]

May 2, 2013 3:30am PDT

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