NSync’s Lance Bass On One Direction: At Least One Of Them Is Gay, And It Could Kill Their Career!

Whoa!!! Say WHAT?!

‘N Sync‘s Lance Bass was a guest on yesterday’s Rubin Report and the topic of discussion was Jason Collins becoming the first openly gay active athlete in a major American team sport!

It was no easy feat, but Lance thinks it could be even HARDER for a member of a boy band whose whole business strategy is built around catering to sexually interested young women buying merchandise, concert tickets, and albums!

In the web series (above) Lance argues that, statistically speaking, someone in One Direction is likely gay!!

Which member is it? Lance of course won’t speculate and it doesn’t even matter!!!

The point is, despite the Larry Stylinson shippers, no member of 1D could easily out himself because there could be destructive consequences for everyone’s careers!

We’d like to think that we aren’t the only Directioner who would continue supporting the band regardless of their sexual orientation, but we understand how an announcement might affect record sales… or jersey sales for that matter!!

The majority of Jason Collins’s friends, fans, and colleagues applauded the ballplayer’s courageous emergence from the closet, but several detractors — like ESPN‘s Chris Broussard — publicly cast judgment!

Ch-ch-check out Lance’s views on close-minded Christians who use The Bible to spread intolerance and homophobia (below)!

May 2, 2013 12:02am PDT

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