Lindsay Lohan Enters Rehab! Judge Allows Facility Change While Prosecution Investigates The Switcheroo!

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The prosecutor was PISSSED!!

For those of you who need to get up to speed, the prosecution had selected a NYC rehab for Lindsay Lohan.

But she checked into a SoCal establishment this morning instead to complete her court order 90 day lockdown.

So today both Mark Heller (the lucky rabbits’ foot carrying attorney of Miz LiLo) and the prosecutor faced the judge to give their reports, and the judge was just LOVING his life, LOL!!

Mark was arguing that the judge never actually said LiLo needed the prosecutor’s official approval on a location — just one of proper parameters, so he was all like WHAT’S THE BIG EFFING DEAL!?!

To which the judge replied that the problem lies in the fact that the patient-selected rehab was NOT — to their knowledge — one of appropriate parameters. So the judge asked for the docs on the new rehab location and looked them over.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor deemed all of this ENTIRELY inappropriate, as both legal parties worked together to select a list of rehab choice. Basically, he called BULLSH*T on Mark and Lindsay both!

After hearing both arguments, the judge found that the rehab selected by Linds does seem to fall in the parameters, but the people (aka the prosecutors) SHOULD be given the opportunity to approve and verify that the rehab selected is appropriate — which they didn’t get when Linds took it upon herself to admit herself in Morningside.

But for now, the judge deemed that it was fine for Lindsay to stay in Morningside while the prosecution decides if it’s to their standards, and if it’s not, she’ll then be ordered to move to one of their choosing.

By May 10th, we’ll find out whether or not the people are satisfied with the program Linds is enrolled in. And if not, there will be a hearing set to decide where Linds goes next!

Wow… how does this keep happening!?! She’s never gonna heal if we keep enabling her behavior!

CLICK HERE for LiLo’s history of rehab visits!

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May 2, 2013 12:23pm PDT

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