Reese Witherspoon Comes CLEAN About Recent Arrest On Good Morning America! Watch HERE!

Well, there’s certainly a reason Reese Witherspoon is widely regarded as America’s sweetheart!

Gurlfriend KNOWS how to do her DAMAGE CONTROL, as she very clearly proved this morning on Good Morning America, where she publicly addressed her disorderly conduct arrest two weeks ago in Georgia…and came off as humble, charming, and even a a bit HIGHlarious!

During her interview with Geroge Stephanopoulos, the actress straight-up admits that she and Jim Toth had too much to drink, SHOULD NOT have been driving, and she was so panicked and tipsy when she saw her husband being handcuffed that the now-infamous “do you know who I am?” wasn’t the ONLY crazy thing she said to the arresting police officer!

Ch-ch-check it all out in full (above)!

Isn’t it just so refreshing to see her taking full responsibility for her mistakes, discussing the challenges and embarrassment of doing so in front of both the public eye and her kids, and admitting that her legal history as Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde movies DID NOT prepare her for real-life interaction with law enforcement?

She and Jim are lucky that their recklessness didn’t result in injury to others or themselves, but they very obviously know that, and we just hope that they accept the consequences of their actions with as much dignity and composure as we’ve seen from them thus far, so they can move on with their lives with no more interruption or complications!

May 2, 2013 10:17am PDT

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