This Bionic Arm Works On THOUGHTS!

Science is one crazy mofo!

We’re not talking about new cell phone tech or a pill that will keep you rock hard for hours, we’re talking about a prosthetic limb that runs on thoughts and can have all the flair and grace playing a piano as your talent will allow! LOLz!

This new limb — an arm and a hand — is really freaking good at recreating virtually every movement of a natural arm, and it’s all controlled by brain power!

Here’s what Matheney says, the amputee testing the product:

“When they took my arm I never thought I would have an actual hand — I saw the hooks and thought that was exactly what I would be getting. So once they introduced me to this, it was like something out of space come to Earth.”

There is NOTHING cooler than real-life science fiction tech!!

The limb has 100 sensors, 26 joints, 17 motors and a tiny computer built into the palm. It weights 4 kilograms, which is almost the same as a real arm, and can mimic one almost exactly. It’s the most sophisticated prosthetic in the world right now.

Here’s what one of the scientists said:

“What we have done is, by order of magnitude, increase the ability to do very highly dexterous kinds of motions. So you can think about things like eventually playing the piano … I think we’ll get there someday.”

It uses electrical impulses in Matheney’s residual limb, which means he simply has to think about moving his old arm!

Here’s what Matheney says:

“You don’t even really think about it. You’re extending the arm, talking and doing other things — it just automatically does it.”

Next up is to cover it in a skin-like substance, which could make it the most inconspicuous artificial arm in history! We are blown away by what’s being done nowadays — and it’s only gonna get better and better! So FAB!

Check it out in motion (above)!!

May 3, 2013 9:29am PDT

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