Justin Bieber’s Spit Most Likely Landing Him In Front Of A Judge; Cops HIGHLY Recommend It!

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It’s official now — Justin Bieber isn’t getting off so easy when it comes to his alleged neighborly loogie dramz… that is, if the cops get their wish!

After investigating the case of The Biebz Vs His Neighbz — the one where Justin is accused of spitting in his neighbor’s face after the dude confronted Biebs about his reckless speeding — the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. sent the file to the D.A. on Tuesday, reportedly urging them to charge the little prince with b-b-battery!!

Just like predicted!

Law enforcement sources have revealed that cops really don’t think he deserves jail, but he definitely deserves a good ol’ fashioned ass-whooping in the metaphorical form of counseling.

His repeated, escalating behavior has them severely concerned, and who’s got time to deal with that shizz!? LOLz!!

Oh Biebs, hopefully this is the catalyst needed to get you straight on the path of ‘let’s just make really good music and celebrate responsibly instead of recklessly!’

And just in case you’re confused where the line lies between responsible and reckless, we’re sure the judge can give you a handy-dandy guidebook! 😉

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May 8, 2013 9:52am PDT

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