Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Plans To Show Daughter Sex Tape When She’s 13!!!


Farrah Abraham dropped another bombshell on the world.

And this one is a doozie!

The Teen Mom said she plans on showing her daughter Sophia her sex tape when she hits the age of 13.

Here’s what she said exactly:

“When she’s around 13, 14, gets on her period, kind of wants a boyfriend age. I think then that’s the year to really be like ‘Look Soph, I have this tape.'”


13 seems really young to see your mom getting plowed!

Actually, on second thought, there’s no right age to see that!

Do you have to show it to her?

Can’t you just like vividly describe it???

Check out the full Farrah interview here!!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

May 10, 2013 6:27pm PDT

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