Glee Squirts Sparkle Juice In Season Finale; Watch Every Performance From Last Night’s Episode HERE!

WHY does there have to be such a thing as season finales??


LOL, so Glee decided to give their All Or Nothing last night in the season four finisher, and we’ve got all the sparkling performances for you.

Because that’s how good we are.

Rachel Berry stuck to her roots and performed Celine Dion‘s To Love You More. And honestly, it was as if an angel came from the clouds and kissed us on the forehead.

The blue-diamond thumping singer would be so proud of Lea Michele.

What’s heartbreaking is that we heard her perform this song, but didn’t hear about her for the rest of the episode! Guess there was nothing to do with her storyline since having Finn around wasn’t an option…

Now, for something a lil’ more modern-tasting, the New Directions took Icona Pop‘s smash hit I Love It to regionals, and well… we didn’t hate it!

The dancing had to be watered down to accommodate Heather Morris being KNOCKED UP, so obviously it wasn’t our favorite Regionals number of all time. We mean, if this was to be her last competition, we wanted to see her go out with a bang!

Sigh.. but ya can’t fight “mother” nature!

Ch-ch-check ’em ouuttt (above) and then watch the rest …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Regionals rang a little hollow this year. None of the performances were as groundbreaking as in other years. But luckily, the boys really threw down to make up for the lack of strenuous dancing from the girls’ side.

Their Hall of Fame PSA was just lovely, though we could always use more shots of Darren Criss… c’mon producers…

Here Glee tried again with another original song with All Or Nothing. It was okay, but lacked the shine of the ones Rachel wrote two years ago.

In other words, we did NOT feel like they gave us what they promised! LOL.

And last but not least, Jessica Sanchez totally power-housed through her performances of Clarity and Wings. Unfortunately, her team lost! So it’s doubtful we’ll see her again. Sadsies!

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May 10, 2013 12:20pm PDT

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