Philadelphia Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy Being Sued After Kicking Woman Off Party Bus!

lesean mccoy being sued for beating and kicking woman off of a party bus

We’ve all heard of party fouls before, but party BUS fouls?? That’s a new one!

NFL running back LeSean McCoy is currently being sued by a woman who claims he and his entourage got physical and left her on the side of the road after a road trip went sour!

The victim, who is going by the alias Mary Roe, says the Philadelphia Eagle invited around 15 girls to join his crew on a joy ride to New York, but things quickly turned ugly when he and his buddies started spraying them with water!

Apparently when Mary protested, LeSean ordered one of his body guards to hold her down while some of the others assaulted and poured their drinks on her!

As if this DISGUSTING behavior wasn’t bad enough, the football player took it a step further by kicking her off the bus and leaving her stranded on the Jersey Turnpike.

The rest of the women on the bus were obviously NOT happy with what went down, so he and his crew took her back on the bus only to kick her off AGAIN at the nearest rest stop.

Now Mary is suing him for more than $50,000, accusing him of assault, battery, false imprisonment and a few other charges.

There’s no word yet on how LeSean plans on dealing with the lawsuit, but if any of these accusations turn out to be true, he could and should be in some BIG trouble!

[Image via Don Wright/AP Images.]

May 14, 2013 4:03pm PDT

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