Power Rangers Reunion Goes KA-POW After Blue Ranger Snubs It Over Abuse!

power rangers reunion not happening

No, no Power Rangers!

Although it’d be a total dream come true, a Power Rangers reunion ain’t on the menu!

But a whole lotta dissing is being served up!

After executives tried to get the original cast to reunite for an episode of Power Rangers Megaforce, one of our fave heroes from back in the day put the kibosh on the possibility.

David Yost or as we all really know him, the Blue Power Ranger, apparently flat out refused to take part after enduring horrible timez on set in the past.

As an openly gay actor, he suffered verbal abuse from various people on set as he has claimed in the past that producers called him the f-word. He eventually quit the show in 1996 due to this, and it sounds like he wants to stay done with the show!

Buuuut…that might not quite be the case!

While that has been the report going around, David recently tweeted somewhat of a different explanation:

Sooo, no reunion because of the letter or abuse??

We hate all this crypticness!

Just tell us, should we return that Power Ranger suit we bought for a possible Power Rangers reunion viewing party?

[Image via Disney.]

May 15, 2013 4:51pm PDT

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