Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull Live It Up At The American Idol Finale, Mariah Carey Does NOT Look Pleased!

We knew that Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull were bringing an inevitably SEXY spectacle to the American Idol finale, and the so-hot-it-hurts pair did NOT disappoint!

Prepare to SHAKE your asses and watch JLo and Pitbull’s live performance of Live It Up from last night’s Idol (above)!

Now wait… HOLD UP!

Is Mariah Carey the ONLY AI judge who doesn’t stand up and clap for Jennifer at the end of her killer dance number?! UMMM YUP!

We guess the Beautiful butterfly queen really DID get pissed about those rumors claiming Idol execs wanted to replace her with Jenny Jen!

Oooof, awkkkwarrd!

May 17, 2013 10:09am PDT

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