Ghostbusters 3‘s Spooktacular Plot Details Revealed!

ghostbusters 3 details

The long-promised Ghostbusters 3 is getting closer and closer to its theater debut!

But who are we going to call???!

Not Bill Murray!!!

Bill has continued to deny ANY hint of enthusiasm for the reboot, but that doesn't mean Dan Akykroyd isn't gearing up to deliver some supernatural good fun to fans.

In fact, Dan is SO excited that he has already dished on the premise of the 2014 HIGHly anticipated sequel.

Dan spilled:

"It's based on new research that's being done in particle physics by the young men and women at Columbia University. Basically, there's research being done [and] the world or the dimension that we live in – our four planes of existence: length, height, width and time – become threatened by some of the research that's being done. Ghostbusters – new Ghostbusters – have to come and solve the problem."


We'll miss the old 'busters so, but if there is any truth to Seth Rogen and Jack Black filling in as stars than COUNT US IN.

And seeing as it is taking Dan and his team THIS long to come up with a script they're proud of, we're positive the next installment of the franchise won't disappoint!!

Bring on the nerdy entertainment!

May 23, 2013 3:57am PDT

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