Soulja Boy’s Guilt In Hit & Run PROVEN Because Of LA’s Private HIDDEN CAMERA Network!?

soulja boy hit and run secret cameras

Ummm… did we just slip into an alternate universe mirroring George Orwell‘s 1984?! WTF is going on here?!

Rapper Soulja Boy is allegedly the perpetrator of a hit and run that took place January 9 in Hollywood. A red Bentley made a dangerous turn that caused a motorcyclist to SMASH into the side of the car, severely injuring the bike rider.

Now, the car in question promptly fled the scene thus the injured man did NOT know who was behind the wheel, but when the motorcyclist started inquiring about the driver of the car, a valet at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles alleged the red Bentley belonged to the sizzurp-guzzling rapper.

When the bike rider went to the cops with information, it was allegedly revealed that the police could identify the damaged Bentley’s driver using a network of THOUSANDS of HIDDEN cameras that are located in cop cars, civillian vehicles, and buildings ALL OVER Los Angeles!

Apparently, this Big Brother network — which is set up by private companies — photographs each individual car in LA 1000 times per day ON AVERAGE and helps police solves hundreds of crimes!

OK, so HOW exactly did the cops use this camera database to connect Soulja Boy with the hit and run? They ran Soulja’s license plate number and TONS of pics popped up showing his Bentley with damage that matched the events of that fateful night!

Now, it seems Soulja has since fixed his car, yet a judge deemed the photographic evidence good enough to prove probable cause, so cops have now impounded Soulja’s vehicle.

CRAY CRAY CRAY. Now, we’re all for justice being served where it’s deserved, but umm… not so sure we love the idea that every LA citizen is being secretly FILMED on a regular basis.


[Image via WENN.]

May 23, 2013 1:18pm PDT

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