Steve Nash BANNING Ex-Wife From L.A. So He Doesn’t Have To Pay Child Support

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This Steve Nash business is Nashty business! LOLz!

We told you guys a few months ago that Steve Nash did not want, nor thought he should have to, pay child support in addition to the things he was already required to cover (like a huge percentage of medical bills and schooling tuition) because not only was he paying for that stuff, his ex makes around $30k A MONTH and their divorce earned her millions from him!

Now, she’s STILL trying to move to El Lay, and Steve is doing his best to ban her from ever doing that!

So now they’re in a legal battle over where she’s allowed to move, with the ex claiming she wants to relocate from Phoenix to L.A. so the kids can be closer to Steve. Steve is all like ‘hell naw!’ and trying to stop her — even though he chose to play basketball in L.A. instead of New York because he wanted to be closer to his kids!

Close, but not TOO close, we guess!

Apparently Steve’s reason is that he didn’t want her to move because he might be traded or forced into retirement, which would mean uprooting the family again. And we get that. That isn’t fair to the kids to have to keep moving around. He probably knows whether or not it’s a possibility better than anyone else!

His ex says that the REAL reason, though, is that California courts are likely to impose huge child support obligations against him! He doesn’t pay anything in support right now, which he might be thinking is too good to be true! Still, it isn’t like she’s hard off and it isn’t like he isn’t paying for anything at all — like those medical bills and tuition.

Interestingly enough, a judge has issued a restraining order in favor of Steve, prohibiting her from moving West until their trial! Does that mean the courts are leaning in his favor? Can someone really be stopped from moving for these reasons??


LOLz! At what point do you just drop all this madness (we’re talking to BOTH of them) and stop bickering for the sake of the kids?

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May 24, 2013 10:03am PDT

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