Justin Bieber Is On Ex-NFLer Keyshawn Johnson’s Sh** List After Allegedly Driving Recklessly Near His Kids!

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Now this is one naked JELL-O wrestling match we’d pay top dollar to watch!

Justin Bieber enraged his neighbors on Monday when he — or possibly Tyler, The Creator — allegedly sped recklessly through Calabasas in his super-fast Ferrari, but it turns out the fine citizens of his community might be even more pissed off than we realize!

Sports analyst and ex-NFLer Keyshawn Johnson lives nearby and was playing with his kids outside when The Biebs tore through town!

Reports say Keyshawn then chased after the Boyfriend singer in his Prius and followed him to his house to scold him on the lawn, but Justin ran quickly inside to avoid any confrontation!

According to the former player’s agent Jerome Stanley, Keyshawn is “very, very, very livid” over Justin’s dangerous behavior.

Jerome revealed:

“Keyshawn is taking the situation very seriously… He wants Justin to slow down and be a responsible neighbor.”

We’re sure the whole disgruntled neighborhood feels similarly!

So will Keyshawn team up with the cops to bring about justice?

Apparently he just might!

His agent continued:

“Keyshawn is a law-abiding citizen and he’ll do whatever it takes to help the authorities.”

Uh-oh! If Justin’s going to speed anywhere, maybe it should be over to his lawyer’s office!

[Image via WENN.]

May 28, 2013 9:03pm PDT

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