Dan Aykroyd MURDERED A Lady & Left Evidence In A Canadian Landfill? Get The Canuck Out Of Here!

Dan Aykroyd homicide investigation canada loose cannons highlarious

Dan Aykroyd, WHAT have you done?!

Too many forgotten crappy movies, it seems, LOLz!!

A Canadian landfill worker with too much time on his hands recently discovered celluloid footage of a BRUTAL Canadian homicide!

He turned the evidence over to the Canadian police ASAP and they happily went to work trying to crack the case!

As it turns out, the film showed Canadian actor, comedian, and alleged superhero standing over the bloodied corpse of some poor lady!

Oh noes!!! Is our second favorite Blues Brother a Canadian murderer?

Not as far as we know!!!

It turns out the Canadian landfill worker accidentally stumbled across a reel from a crappy buddy cop flick from the early ’90s, Loose Cannons!

The case was quickly closed and, when reached for comment, Dan only offered this pearl of wisdom:

“The movie should have been left in the landfill where it belongs.”

Ha! Oh, Canada — you get us every time!

[Image via WENN.]

Jun 1, 2013 2:01am PDT

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