Amanda Bynes’ Secret Twitter Account Reveals Possible Schizophrenia Symptoms & Violent Threats!

amanda bynes could have schizophrenia

This may finally explain it all.

For what feels like forever now, Amanda Bynes has been exhibiting bizarre behavior left and right. Her legal troubles in the driving department were, unfortunately, only the beginning.

Soon we’d begin hearing reports of Amanda locking herself up in a store dressing room and another store’s bathroom, while employees were left to wait outside in fear that something truly disturbing or illegal could be happening on the inside.

But nothing could really prepare us for the storm of erratic tweets — messages from Amanda herself that alerted not only us, but seemingly all of Hollywood, that there was something more than ‘eccentric’ going on with Miz Bynes.

Now we’ve learned of a second Twitter account, followed and retweeted by Amanda’s official account (she only follows 13 on the social networking site). This ‘Barbie’ character (AKA Malibu Barbie AKA @persiannyc27) appears to be an outlet for Amanda to reveal her darker thoughts:

Not only is the account exhibiting possible symptoms of schizophrenia, clearly there are violent tendencies as well. This is definitely something to be aware of.

Other tweets are troublesome as well, including:

And as we’ve said, Amanda has even retweeted some of them herself:

amanda bynes retweeting malibu barbie account

New reports of an avatar system have been published recently, suggesting that those suffering schizophrenia can help control the voices they hear by creating a separate, digital identity for who they believe to be inside their head.

Could this be how Amanda is trying to cope?

[Image via Twitter.]

Jun 5, 2013 11:17am PDT

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