Once Upon A Time Exec Producers Spill On Season Three Plot Lines!! Calls Cast ‘Dysfunctional Avengers’!

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Ugh we feel so teased!! Give us more!! Our appetites for Once Upon A Time will never be sated!!

Not to say that the following deets spilled about season three of OUAT aren’t super in depth and filled with juicy plot lines!!

Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis were chatty Cathys when asked about the third season of the show, and revealed soo many things!! Read what they said below!!!

WARNING: Possible spoilers involved …AFTER THE JUMP!!!!

The show being about dysfunctional families:

“We’re the dysfunctional Avengers! The show is a messed-up family show at its core and that’s what’s great about it for us: how are these characters connected and how can they be related and semi-related. How are they all going to influence each other? Emma (Jennifer Morrison) has magic and some people on that boat wield magic, but they’re not good influences. How are they going to work together? How are they going to get along?”

How traveling to Neverland will allow us to delve into characters:

“It’s about taking new lands, like Neverland, and using it as a way to open up our characters and dive deeper; taking the villains and heroes and throwing them together and forcing them to a common goal as a method for us to dig deeper and find out more about what makes them tick.”

About a possible love triangle:

“It’s fun for us to have Emma on that ship with someone as handsome as Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) thinking the person she truly loves is dead, while he’s trying to get back to her.”

On finding the perfect Peter Pan:

“We have begun the process, but we have begun it secretly! We’re sneaky this way! We have not seen Peter Pan yet. When someone as scary and menacing as Rumpel (Robert Carlyle) is telling you that someone is to be feared, you better listen.”

How the ship will bring us back to the core characters:

“It’s really about this journey and it’s really about these characters and we really want to dive back into our core characters. There’s things left to be explored. I want to know more about Prince Charming (Josh Dallas). He was really good with a sword, but he was a shepherd. Well, there’s a chance he probably left home before he came back.”

We are biting our nails in anticipation!! This all sounds too good to be true!!!

Our only request is that they start airing the season immediately, K THANKS BYE.

Jun 14, 2013 6:44pm PDT

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