Christie Brinkley Wins Humanitarian Award! Hugs A Puppy To Celebrate!

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley isn’t just a beautiful woman, she’s a kind, compassionate, caring person, who loves animals!

That’s why she took home the award for Humanitarian of the Year by the Pet Philanthropy Circle.

Woo! Congrats!!

Christie has been an animal lover forever, and has been vegetarian for most of her life, because she cares so dang much!

She won the award at the 2013 Pet Hero Awards, hosted by Pet Philanthropy Circle, who said:

“She has a protective passion for all animals, all wildlife, and every aspect of our environment. She feels a responsibility to use her voice and her stage to ensure that the public is aware of many unspeakable practices that continue today behind the scenes. From advocating against horse slaughter, bringing light to toxic environmental conditions, and renouncing the abuse of animals used for cosmetic testing, she is a true humanitarian.”

That’s ahmayzing! She totes deserves that award!

So, what did she do to celebrate??

She hugged a bunch of cutie pups!!

Look at that fuzzy, little golden retriever!! Ahh! So CUTE!

Congrats on the award, Christie! Lookin’ great!

Check out some more pics (below) of the beautiful lady hugging on some adorbzable pups!

[Images via WENN.]

Jul 1, 2013 1:03pm PDT

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