Lindsay Lohan Going Into Hiding After Rehab!

lindsay lohan sobriety

Thought you’d see Lindsay Lohan back on the party circuit after rehab??!

Think again!

LiLo is SO terrified of relapsing following her court mandated rehab stint that she plans to go underground after her August release.

Are we going to see a WHOLE new Lindsay??!

Sources say the FORMER adderall enthusiast plans to steer clear of fast, drug-filled cities like New York and El Lay to prevent caving into cravings. Instead, Linds is searching HIGH and low for a US city with little temptation and absolutely NO papz.

That’s right! Lindsay is A-okay with stepping down from troubled throne and passing that crown to Amanda Bynes.

Linds’ 12-step program is working SO well that she hopes to set up house somewhere she can maintain sobriety and stay connected with her happier, healthier self.

Sounds like gurl has finally jumped off her steep downward spiral and it only took 6 times in rehab to get it!

Unfortunately, we’re pretty positive wherever Lindsay goes, the papz will go, but that’ll just give her the opportunity to show off the new and improved Lindsay!

Here’s to the (hopefully) new, sober LiLo!

Jul 1, 2013 11:11am PDT

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