Aaryn Gries, Big Brother Contestant, Sparks Racist & Homophobic Controversy!

bb15 aaryn hammock

Anyone who watches the Big Brother‘s live feed knows that cast member Aaryn Gries makes Paula Deen look like Mother Theresa.

We’re speechless. In the first week of Big Brother‘s 15th season alone, Aaryn has called another cast member a “queer,” she’s used several slurs against an Asian contestant behind her back saying that she should “go make some rice,” and that “she is the first Asian I know that doesn’t do nails,” and regarding one of the African American contestants, Aaryn advised another housemate saying, “watch what you say in the dark, you might not see the b*tch.”

Who is this girl, Mel Gibson and Michael Richards‘ love child?

And all of Aaryn’s controversial live feed footage is being edited out by CBS, who’s clearly trying to make her likeable by focusing instead on a potential showmance!

WTF? CBS, you can’t allow such racism and bigotry to go unchecked. By keeping her on the show, you’re practically giving her your blessing and support to continue to be a racist homophobe, and confirming that she’s the type of person you’d like to see win the competition. GUH-ROSS!

No wonder people are already petitioning for her to get off the show.

Ch-ch-check out an example of her racist antics below!

Jul 2, 2013 4:56am PDT

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