Linda Hogan Finds Stolen Family Memorabilia On Ebay!

linda hogan finds stolen family memorabilia on ebay

Linda Hogan was shocked when she realized that family photos and memorabilia were stolen from her El Lay storage unit!

Well Hulk Hogan‘s ex-wife recently came across some good news and some bad news as she eventually found the precious items! Unfortunately, she found them for sale on eBay!!!

Linda says she stumbled upon some VERY important keepsakes on the popular website, including a CD of her daughter Brooke Hogan‘s first single and some photos of her son Nick Hogan‘s baptism!

She also found out that the items might not have been stolen at all, as the seller claims he bought everything at a thrift shop! Apparently that’s a plausible story, too, as she admitted that there could have been a mix-up when she hired a team of movers to take some of her items out of storage and donate them to Goodwill!

She opened up about the incident, saying:

“No family photos were ever given to anyone. I would never give away baby pictures of my kids!”

Now Linda is hoping she can strike up some sort of deal with the seller so she can get her items back, as she has NO plans to bid on the missing items!

But it’s not because she doesn’t want to pay for items that belong to her. It’s because she has NO idea how to use eBay in the first place!

We’re guessing she might want to take a crash-course or two and learn before someone else buys all of her stuff!!!

[Image via NEILL J. SCHUTZER/Ramey Pix.]

Jul 9, 2013 3:30pm PDT

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