Celebs Gratuitously Getting Their GIF Sweat On!

Ryan Gosling

Have U ever just caught yourself wondering how sexy your favorite celebs must be while keeping up with their health and fitness?? We’ve done it too, we’ll admit it!

Well, the best part about celeb fitness is that sometimes we get glimpses of that world — and because of movies and TV, we can see it alllllllll in glorious action, and not just in photo form! Here’s a little taste of our fake Celeb Fitness Club:

Let’s start off easy with some nice stretching, celebs!!

Kim Kardashian

Bill Murray

Beautiful! Are we ready to kick it up a notch? Let’s go for a jog!

Kate Bosworth

Damn, Kate Bosworth! You’re sweaty already! How’s everyone else doing??

Robert Pattison

Brad Pitt Run

bradley cooper jennifer lawrence workout

Phew! That was QUITE the start!

That’s right, we aren’t even close to being done yet! Let’s PUMP IT UP!

Mark Wahlberg

The Rock

Henry Cavill

Hilary Swank

Christian Bale

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Got that blood pumping?? GREAT!

Now hump it out!

hayden panettiere

Scarlett Johansson


Okay! Awesome! That’s enough with the sexual fitness!

Kristen Wiig

Emma Stone

HEY! What did we just say?? LOLz!

How about some dancing for cardio instead?? That sounds fun! Go go!

Lisa Turtle

Jennifer Aniston

Kanye West


Great! That’s enough for today! What a way to finish it all off with energy, celebs! You can totally take a minute to celebrate!

brad pitt workout 1

Unless you were just pretending.

Rebel Wilson

We can’t say mad at you guys!! Keep it up — it’s working!!


Jul 12, 2013 4:30pm PDT

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